Happy 55th birthday Phil X

Happy 55th birthday Phil X.

Thank you for being the best idol, friend, band member, boss or family member!! We love you and hope to brighten your day as much as you brighten ours.
Thanks to all the fans, friends and artists from all over the world who sent in their birthday wishes. Special thanks to Carl Casagrande, Sabrina Pietropaolo, Tommaso Angeletti, Maria D’Innocenzo, Monika Cziraki, Federica Robba and John Honeyman who helped reaching out to artists and Narao Posado Catalàn for the video editing.
Thank you to all the artists featured: Aldo Nova, Arcane.inc, Bald Man – Kurt Deimer, Carlo Sorasio @ LAA Custom, Chris Bibby @ Shoots You, Collateral’s – Angelo Trisan and Louis Sebastian Malagodi, David Bergman, David Rule, Dough Aldrich, Richard Fortus, Gjergi Kachinari, Gil Moore, Hugh & Kelly McDonald, Jamo Drums, John Shanks, Lorenza Ponce, Lou Morreale, McSwain Guitar, Obie O’Brien, Pete Thorn, Rian Roxie, Ricardo Herrera, Rob Fuz, Rudy Sarzo, Stevie Salas, Scala Guitars, Skid Row’s Scotti Hill and Snake Sabo, Stephen Cohen, Trevor McNevan, Thomas McAndrews, Tim Pierce, Tom Pagano, Trev Lukater & Scott Kalb, Wylie Foster and everyone who might have want to be part of this but we could not reach out to.

…. and a special DRILLS only video:

In oder of appearance: Stefania Cheli, Carl Casagrande, Andy Galeon, Everett Bradley, Jeremy Spencer, Mike Dupke, Gerhard Joost, Frank Griner, Gary Novak, Glen Sobel, Ryan McMillan, Joe Lester, Dug Pinnik, Matt Starr, Anthony Tiny Biuso, Brent Fitz with Todd Kerns and Frank Sidoris, Tico Torres, Brian Tichy, Bobby Collin and Daniel Spree