Lucky Strike Live April 20th

Where: Lucky Stike Live, W. Hollywood, CA
When:  April 20th 2016 10:45 pm
Event: Soundcheck Live with Phil X as a guest Curator
Rock and Roll U All Night Long – The Drills / Phil X, Glen Sobel, Daniel Spree, Ferlazzo
Roxanne – The Police / Phil X, Daniel Spree, Brian Tichy, Ferlazzo, Winter Rae, Tanahasi
Swatted Fly – The Drills / Phil X, Ferlazzo, Szekely
Steal Away The Night – Ozzy Osbourne / Phil X, Dewey Bragg, Brian Tichy, Rudy Sarzo
Funk #49 – James Gang / Phil X, Brian Tichy, Rudy Sarzo, Ferlazzo
Back in Black – AC/DC / Phil X, Glen Sobel, Rudy Sarzo, Brian Tichy
Fire – Jimy Hendrix / Phil X, Brian Tichy, Daniel Spree