Mix with the Masters

The first ever Mix with the Masters video with star engineer Chris Lord-Alge is hosted at studio B of the world-famous Capital Studios in Los Angeles. Chris Lord-Alge tackles a recording session with rock band Phil X & The Drills.

The detailed footage of the experience shows every step of the process – live space considerations, microphone choice and placement, instruments, amplifiers, DI boxes, Neve 8068 console setup, signal routing and processing, gain staging, phase correction, headphone mix creation, recording the band live, adding overdubs, production and arrangement, level metering, monitoring, and finishing the rough mix.
Aside from sharing invaluable technical knowledge, Chris Lord-Alge imparts the reasoning behind his practical and efficient workflow, while advising on how this approach can be adapted to other environments and equipment.
Available now, exclusively on mwtm.com/rab6