Sweetwater Studios Recording Master Class

With Phil X, Richard Fortus, Doug Wimbish and Brian Tichy

Capture the Sounds of a World-class Supergroup

Learn the ins and outs of recording from a real studio pro! While this elite ensemble performs complex arrangements, award-winning producer/engineer Mark Hornsby will delve into the intricacies of tracking, editing, mixing, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to sit in on an incredible 2-day recording session!

What you’ll learn and experience:

DAY 1:
Wednesday — Learn Pro Recording Techniques
  • Positioning mics for best results
  • Setting up a rhythm tracking session (guitar, bass, drums, keys)
  • Dialing in larger-than-life sounds
  • Tracking session
  • Auditioning different mics and processing chains
  • Overdubbing instruments, multiple takes, and more
  • Special meet-and-greet dinner with Mark and the band
DAY 2:
Thursday — Editing and Mixing Tracks
  • Comping tracks: how to choose the best takes
  • Editing tracks with Pro Tools and third-party plug-ins
  • Mixing tracks
  • Learning the best use of compression, EQ, and effects
  • Fine-tuning guitar, bass, drums, and keys
  • Employing automation
  • Getting the most out of bus compression/processing
  • Making the final tweaks: how to decide when the mix is done