THE DRILLS were formed in the fall of 2003 with one goal in mind… TO BRING THE ROCK TO THE MASSES!

Songs like Air Hockey Champion of the World and I Wish My Beer Was As Cold As Your Heart keep fans singing along and coming back in droves to witness the abundance of talent, a twisted sense of humor and the perfect amount of face peeling. The potent concoction of Elvis Costello meets KISS with a dash of Foo Fighters, will inebriate anyone wanting to get ROCKED, complete with the morning-after residue of “what the hell was that?”

Fearless leader, Phil X, wrote and recorded a bunch of seriously catchy tunes with clever tongue-way-in-cheek lyrics, an aggressively fun delivery and a virtuosic jedi-style guitar playing simply because he likes to “scream [his] brains out”.

Daniel Spree, who adds his bass magic and vocal harmonies to THE DRILLS, is one of the funniest f(u)cking guys you could meet. Dan is LA’s best-kept secret as one of the most versatile and musically inventive bassists around, playing on almost every movie trailer you’ve ever heard, not to mention being the first call of many top producers in the city. His great talent is accompanied by the ability to take a few shotgun shells in the hip and upper leg area and live to tell the tale.

Original drummer Brian Dogboy Burwell, is truly a motherf*cker on the drums and if need be, can come out front and glide across the stage like a Billy-Jean-era Michael Jackson. He’s an erupting volcano and may have the fastest feet to ever pound a kick drum. Dogboy is also an extremely sought after session drummer because of the intensity of his fiery playing and super fast nunchuck maneuvers.

There you have it: some of the catchiest songs you’ve ever heard in your life delivered with unbridled power and a humorous wit? THE DRILLS… when it comes to the ROCK, they’ll kick anybody’s ass.


Original drummer Brian Dogboy Burwell plays on the first two DRILLS CDs. Their 3rd CD We Play Instruments and Shit sees Randy Cooke, a session musician from Hollywood, as the main drummer (7 tracks out of 11) and Dorian “Wook” Crozier on two tracks and Gerhard Joost on one track.

Live drummer for a few years between 2014 and 2017 was Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley), later replaced by Brent Fitz (Slash, Gene Simmons among many others).

The Drills 4th album release, Stupid Good Lookings, features a different drummer for each song.
Vol. 1, out May 3rd 2019, lists the following drummers:

Matt Chamberlain  – Something To Say
Abe Laboriel Jr.  – No Woman Of Mine (also featuring Doug Pinnick on vocals)
Taylor Hawkins – Too Much For My Own Good
Brent Fitz – I Want My Money Back 
Glen Sobel – Rock’N’Roll You All Night Long
Randy Cooke – Saddest Girl In The World

More drummers and (where available) the song they play in that will be featured in Vol. 2 and 3:
Tommy Lee – Fake The Day Away
Kenny Aronoff
Tico Torres
Gary Novak
Jeremy Spencer
– Evil Robot
Brian Tichy
  – You Sunk My Battleship
Matt Starr