In early 2000, Ninette’s voice caught the attention of acclaimed songwriter/producer Kenny Babyface Edmonds, who asked her to sing on live tracks for the “Josie And The Pussicats” movie. This was followed by an invitation to coach the film’s actresses on performance skills, and the whole band appearing in a bonus making-of clip for the movie’s DVD.
With extensive classical training as a vocalist under her belt, Ninette decided to follow her heart and form the turbo pop band POWDER.
Ninette’s ability to write memorable hooks and shove them down the throats of an audience with her powerful voice and charismatic stage persona have become the cascading rainbow that is POWDER.
Her husband Phil X (guitar) spent a few years kicking around the club scene in Toronto, Canada. It wasn’t long before he started developing a reputation as a guitarist with some serious power behind his sound. One day, after a twist of fate, he was asked to play for Tommy Lee. The next day he was in the studio and began recording guitars for MCA’s Methods of Mayhem (Dec. ’99).

As his name started to float around the circuit, Phil X was asked to perform on more and more recordings, including those by Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper and Andrew W.K.
Allan Hearn (bass) studied many forms of music at Hollywood’s Musicians Institute. He met Ninette and Phil soon after the duo started searching for the right individual who could fill out their sound yet add to their stage dynamic; Allan was that match. The outcome was a finely tuned sonic machine with a dynamic punch.
J-Bo Dynamite (drums) Reminiscent of a pint-sized Arthur Fonzerelli, J-BO plays drums like The Fonz jumps trash cans! J-Bo’s outlandish/quirky appearance combined with fierce drumming sprinkled with a thunderous playback of loops and sound effects have taken POWDER to an even higher realm of turbo pop ass-kicking. To quote MTV’s Carson Daly, “I saw POWDER in LA and was blown away… the next wave in rock music.”

POWDER exploded onto the LA music scene in early 2001.

Since then, it was a non-stop super-charged runaway train full of awestruck audiences and loyal fans throughout the world. Known as the best band in Los Angeles for the amazing adventure in sight and sound, POWDER kept the fans on their toes, anticipating anything from femme-bots to 10 feet tall aliens. The audience was mesmerized by the array of unforgettable, melodic hooks and Ninette’s over-the-top costumes and uncanny stage presence.

Within six months of POWDER’s formation, they were awarded Best Rock/Pop Artist and Best Live Show at the 2001 Los Angeles Music Awards, as well as The Rock City News awards for Best Female Fronted Band, Guitar Player of the Year, and the NoHo News Rock Band of the Year. In 2002 POWDER was awarded Best Live Act and Best Modern Pop Band. In 2003 POWDER was nominated for Best Rock CD, Best Rock Video, Best Live Performance and Best Female Vocalist by the LA Music Awards.
In December 2003, POWDER exposed themselves to the world making their international television debut on Playboy’s pay-per-view program “Night Calls”. POWDER was also the first unsigned band ever to be included on the A&M Record compilation A Very Special Christmas. POWDER’s turbo-pop version of Christmas Don’t Be Late (The Chipmunk Song) not only received national airplay throughout the holiday season, but also won critical acclaim as the stand-out track on the album.

As their visibility grew, POWDER contributed five supercharged re-mixes to MTV’s “Tough Enough” in the summer of 2002.
POWDER concentrated their energies towards recording during the winter of 2003, and the end result was a self-produced high octane, 11-track jolt, titled Sonic Machine. Co-Producer John Vitale (Garbage/Republica) worked closely with the band in creating a truly unique sound explosion on songs such as the mind blasting Need A Little Help and the Led Zeppelin classic What Is And What Should Never Be. Mixer Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie/Crystal Method) also brought a full-blown sonic punch to the hook-laden anthem Up Here.
Later that year, POWDER shot and screened the video for Up Here, directed by Stuart Acher, in Hollywood. Staying true to Ninette’s superhero image, the video is a comic-book-come-to-life with cameos by Jay Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob) and Ahmet Zappa (Star Search). The Up Here video was aired on MTV2’s 120 Minutes, MMUSA’s Oven Fresh and became the Most Requested Video on Kerrang! TV UK for 2004!

Always paving the way, POWDER was invited by the ABC Television Network to be the only band to perform at the PROMAX Television Conference in Los Angeles last summer.
In March 2004, POWDER’s new highly anticipated, self-titled CD was released in the UK and Europe on Continental Entertainment, Inc. with a promotional tour that followed. POWDER was then invited by Clear Channel to return and perform at the Download Festival in Donington, England, on 5 June 2004. With over 5000 eager fans there, POWDER was one of the most talked about performances of the entire festival and had No. 1 requested video on Kerrang! TV.
Following their return from the UK, POWDER’s song Adore Me was chosen as the theme song for the WNBA by ESPN and was aired on ABC, TBS and ESPN as well as being played at every game for the entire season.

POWDER kept playing through the years mainly in California. In 2006, bass player Allan Hearn was replaced by actual Drills bass player Danile Spriewald, who remained with them until 2010 when the band called it quits.

Their infectious music was described as turbo-pop, favouring a style of pop/rock which is hard and aggressive yet melodic, poppy, and hooky — their sound could be described as a combination of Garbage, Republica, and Veruca Salt.
POWDER offered a unique yet explosive form of entertainment, an unstoppable array of over-the-top aerial acrobatic and dance choreography performed by front-woman Ninette and set to a live thunderous soundtrack. They performed for such celebs as Chris Daughtry, Paul Stanley, Paula Abdul and Cindy Lauper.
“The Show is Outrageuos!” said ABC Television, and their fans agreed.

One of the last things POWDER did was recording the title track for See What I’m SayingThe Deaf Entertainers Documentary, and opening at the premiere in Hollywood, CA on 10 March 2010.

POWDER released 3 albums: Sonic Machine, POWDER and Nothing.

Some of the shows with POWDER

April 7, 2001 @ The Little Civic, Wolverhampton, UK
April 21, 2001 @ The Gig, Hollywood
April 26, 2001 @ Paladino’s
May 27, 2001 @ The Viper Room
June 14, 2001 @ Lush, Glendale
March 27, 2002 @ The Gig, Hollywood
March 10, 2004 @ Astoria 2, London, UK
May 8, 2004 @ Key Club
May 22, 2004 @ Long Beach Gay Pride Festival
June 5, 2004 @ Download Festival
June 8, 2004 @ Clapham Grand
December 16, 2004 @ House Of Blues
September 15, 2005 @ Twin’s TV Set
September 16, 2005 @ House of Blues
November 11, 2005 @ Avalon, Hollywood
May 20, 2006 @ Key Club
August 6, 2006 @ Market Days, Chicago
September 16, 2006 @ Guiness Oysterfest
September 14, 2007 @ Key Club
December 6, 2007 @ King King, Hollywood
January 12, 2008 @ Key Club, West Hollywood
April 19, 2008 @ Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, US
July 18, 2008 @ Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, US
October 25, 2008 @ Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, US
January 24, 2009 @ Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, US
May 2, 2009 @ Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, US
September 19, 2009 @ Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, US
January 2010 – See What I Am Saying Shooting
May 7, 2010 @ Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, US
March 18, 2010 @ See What I Am Saying Premiere

Phil X gallery with POWDER

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